The Surf Project

Client: The Surf Project
Role: Creative Direction, brand strategy

I have provided brand consultancy and creatve direction to The Surf Project since they began in 2012.

The Surf Project is a Christian surf ministry based in Ireland, going from strength to strength as they seek to enhance the personal, social, and spiritual welfare of people through the sport and culture of surfing.

The logotype I designed is based on the triquetra, an ancient Irish symbol that depicts the Holy Trinity (a never-ending ‘three in one’) as well as three surfboards with a perfect wave at the centre. The positioning is to subtly move away from the typical imagery associated with religious institutions, in order to reflect the approach taken by the Surf Project team as they initiate events and camps throughout Ireland and abroad.

Basque Cheese

Brand identity design for an enterprising Basque cheese business based in Antzuola, Gipuzkoa.

Thin Places logo symbol

Thin Places

Brand identity design for a Christian discipling training series by Spark Europe (Germany).

Korrika diseinua

20. Korrika

Brand identity design for the 20th Korrika - a 10-day marathon in support of the Basque language.

Astola urtekariaren diseinua


Creative direction and design of Astola, the Basque Country's answer to National Geographic

Mount Nebo

Brand identity design for Mt Nebo, a conference in Germany for twenty something Christian business leaders

Bizisare - Busturialdeko garapen iraunkorra


Brand identity design for a grassroots organisation that promotes sustainable development in Busturialdea.

Durangoko Azoka

Brand identity design and Creative Direction for Durnagoko Azoka - the largest cultural fair in the Basque Country.

English Surfing logo

English Surfing

Logo design submission to rebrand English Surfing


Brand identity design for a social enterprise initiative in Germany helping refugees integrate into society

Hiucif Rahim Surfboards

HR Surfboards

Brand identity design for Hiucif Rahim Surfboards, a skilled shaper from Gijon, Spain

The Surf Project logo

The Surf Project

Creative direction, strategic branding and design for The Surf Project, an Irish Christian surf ministry

Abadiño liburua


Creative direction, design and translation (into English) of 'Abadiño', a book about the Basque town

Longhurst Electrical Services logo design

Longhurst Electrical Services

Brand identity design for Longhurst Electrical Services, based in the South East of England

Zukuka Bora

Brand identity design for Zukuka Bora, an ethical coffee business from Mt Elgon, Uganda

Akorda Taberna logo design

Akorda Taberna

Brand identity and design for Akorda taberna, a restaurant and bar on the Basque coast

University Technical Colleges

University Technical Colleges

Creative direction, brand development and design for University Technical Colleges, UK

Andramari Ikastola logo design

Andramari Ikastola

Brand identity design for Andramari Ikastola, a Basque school in Amorebieta-Etxano

Artea Durangaldean Gaur book by Mikel Onandia

Artea Durangaldean Gaur

Creative direction and design of 'Artea Durangaldean Gaur', a publication featuring contemporary Basque artists

Waves logo design

Waves in action

Brand identity design for Waves, a Christian small group initiative with a global reach

Emun logo design


Brand identity design for Emun, a cooperative that promotes the Basque language within the workplace

Cross Culture Surf

Cross Culture Surf

Creative direction and brand identity for this personal project - a non-profit surf initiative that promotes cultural awareness

19. Korrika - logo diseinua

19. Korrika

Creative direction and brand identity design for the 19th Korrika

18. Korrika Eman Euskara Elkarri diseinua

18. Korrika

Creative direction and brand identity design for the 18th Korrika

Euskalakari Korrika logo design

17. Korrika

Creative direction and brand identity design for the 17th Korrika

Asador Etxebarri

Asador Etxebarri

Creative direction and design for Etxebarri restaurant in Axpe, Basque Country

Zarautz ehuntzen logo design and brand identity

Zarautz ehuntzen

Creative direction and design for Zarautz town hall

Publication design for the Basque Government to promote local produce

Basque Government

Creative direction and design for a publication by the Basque government on local gastronomy

Angel Brotxa font

Angel Brotxa

Original typeface design for screen credits, used on a film by Debolex

Bizibike logo design


Strategic brand identity design for a bike store in Durango, Basque Country

Fingerprint font


Typeface design based on fingerprints, for a cultural film by Debolex

Partizan Travel logo design and brand identity

Partizan Travel

Creative direction, brand identity and naming for Partizan Travel

oihaneder euskararen etxea


Brand identity design for Oihaneder Euskararen Etxea in Gasteiz, Basque Country

tokikom brand identity


Brand identity design for Tokikom, a Basque publishing house with 76 media outlets