Durangoko Azoka


2009 – 2015


Gerediaga Elkartea


Creative direction, brand identity, strategy

Durangoko Azoka is one of the most important cultural fairs in Europe, drawing crowds of well over 100,000 each year, to celebrate the artistic diversity of the Basque language. Since moving to the Basque Country and learning euskara, it has been a privilege to direct the design for these events over recent years whilst working as Creative Director at the brand agency, di-da.

For the 50th anniversary, I developed an iconic visual brand identity under the name “DA!” which is both an acronym for Durangoko Azoka and the Basque word for ‘is’. This identity was implemented throughout the event in way-finding, advertising, TV & radio commercials, press conferences, PR and social networking.

Durangoko Azoka

Creative direction • Event branding

50th anniversary publicity spot