Zukuka Bora Coffee Company

Client: Zukuka Bora
Role: Creative Direction
Date: 2016

Zukuka Bora understands that great coffee begins with the producer. Based in Uganda, Zukuka Bora works directly with local farmers to ensure that coffee is well cultivated and harvested and that farmers are justly rewarded for their work. Recently, local people have become disheartened and lost interest in coffee after years of corruption and bad management by previous companies and cooperatives. Zukuka Bora seeks to revive a once flourishing industry by inspiring people to realise the quality of their natural, renewable resource, as well as to inject enthusiasm and restore pride in their ability to be excellent and responsible coffee producers.

Zukuka Bora has brought fresh incentive and hope by investing in equipment, seedlings, fertiliser and training, encouraging farmers to humbly focus on quality rather than quantity. The result is high-scoring, clean and refined Arabica coffee, shade-grown at altitude on the fertile, volcanic slopes of Mount Elgon.

It has been a pleasure to work alongside such an inspiring project, providing a brand identity that reflects their values as well as direction with regard to strategic narrative and tone of voice.