Ama Txo


August 2018


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Visual brand identity

I met Amaia and Txomin in 2016 when I sheared their flock of 200 sheep. They had just finished building a state of the art sheep shed and milking parlour to launch their new cheese venture. They had decided on the name “Amatxo” which in Basque means “mother”, and represents the joint venture between AMA (for Amaia) and TXO (for Txomin).

Their target market is abroad (delicatessens and distributors), and so I encouraged them to position their brand under the name “Basque Cheese”, to make it easier for their customers to find them. I designed their logo (that spells “AMA” from cuts of cheese and also represents the mountain range where they are located), as well as the labels for their range of cheeses. I continue to shear their sheep for them twice a year. | Photography: Ikuxka