Mount Nebo


April 2020


Lumen (Germany)


Visual brand identity

MT NEBO is a gathering in Germany for young (30-45 year old) Christian senior managers. It is an opportunity for them to network, share and inspire. Attendees are young in their environment, have significant responsibility, need to navigate changing times and have a strong kingdom-of-god mindset.

I was asked by Lumen to develop a brand identity that could be used at the annual gathering. The concept for the conference is about being driven by something beyond yourself, the call of God on your life and learning how to handle significant responsibilities in complex times.

Young managers

Design thinking

Businesses are typically structured around a pyramidal hierarchy MODEL. A, with different levels of management reflected by the responsibility that each role carries. A common aspiration of individuals is to climb this “career ladder” either within one business or across different companies.

Rather than commanding instruction from a position of superiority, good managers guide and orientate from the factory floor MODEL. B. Managers that can sensitively lead, direct, motivate and encourage others, have a positive influence on the workforce. A ripple effect that can have a much greater reach than the top-down method MODEL. C.

managerial hierarchy

Design concept

The design centres around the elevation of Mount Nebo in Jordan, tracing its topographical contour lines to form an abstract concentric pattern that reflects the concept of “managerial influence”.

The ident is simply the name, carefully crafted, kerned, balanced and set within a boundary frame. It was important in the design process to resist the temptation to use a triangular mountain graphic in this brand identity. To view Mount Nebo from ABOVE rather than from ground level, is a subconscious reminder to attendees of the conference to maintain a heavenly perspective in their different managerial roles.

Mount Nebo, Jordan
Mount Nebo (Jordan)
Mount Nebo elevation
Mount Nebo (Jordan)


Mount Nebo conference flag
Mount Nebo lanyard












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