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Haziberri festibala

Haziberri Festibala

Sustainable and creative seating solution using Basque wool, for Haziberri - a zero-waste music festival in Gernika.

Artileshell by Ternua

Artileshell A new use for Basque Latxa wool  Product innovation from Ternua Group The Basque Country is home to just under 1 million sheep, most…
Måstadfjellet, Værøy (Lofoten), Norway


A journey to the Lofoten island of Værøy (Norway) with Sorland brand agency, working as an interpreter and facilitator.
Nire ahizpa defendituko dut


Creating a t-shirt design based around the "La Manada" (wolfpack) gang rape trial. Trixerta challenge for Berria newspaper.
Stay salty

Staying salty

Once salt loses its saltiness, it cannot be made salty again. So as creatives, how can we stay fresh in a competitive industry?
More to branding than meets the eye

Representation VS Reputation

How does a blind person perceive your brand? What counts for more when to comes to branding? Representation or reputation?
I am Basque presentation

Baske, not Basque. Be free…

Why are Basque brands and government initiatives falling into the English trap in order to gain a false competitive edge?
Basque branding - Basque made by Joseba Attard

Basque made

Is the "Made in the Basque Country" label justified when the country name is such a bone of contention?

Punkt Digital Detox

Disconnect to reconnect. Ditching my smartphone for a dumbphone on the Punkt digital detox challenge.
Captain Cook landing in Australia

Flags and nation branding

Flags are the logos of nations. But to what extent are they still relevant today when it comes to nation branding?