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Your brand is only as strong as your reputation. Make sure your message is clear.

Hi, I'm Joseba Attard, a Creative Director based in the Basque Country. I believe in strategic, intelligent design that helps build brands rooted in confidence and trust.

My work is to effectively represent values, vision and purpose, both visually and verbally. Through relevant storytelling, I help bring projects and ideas to life.

In my spare time, I am either surfing, shearing sheep or picking mushrooms :)

Some of my work has featured in design publications such as:

Los Logos 7, Gestalten 2014
Brandemia - Emun brand identity case study
Relogo - redesigning the brand, Sandu   
Los Logos 6, Gestalten 2012
Los Logos 5: Compass, Gestalten 2010
Los Logos 4, Gestalten 2008

Public speaking

I am grateful to have shared with different audiences, in English, Basque and Spanish on a variety of subjects from branding to Basque identity.

• YWAM, Biarritz, 2014 (An introduction to the Basque Country)
• University of the Basque Country, Bilbao, 2014 (Applied Graphic Design
• Papel y Pixel design conference, Barcelona, 2013 (Basque cultural campaigns)
• University of Mondragon, Basque Country, 2013 (Branding: Reputation vs Representation)
• Enpresarean, Donostia, 2012 (Brand strategy and the design process)
• University of Mondragon, Basque Country, 2012 (An introduction to branding)
• University of Mondragon, Basque Country, 2011 (An introduction to branding)
• University of the Basque Country, Bilbao, 2010 (Corporate identity design)
• Basque Summit, Seattle, USA, 2008 (Contemporary Basque Culture)

Articles / interviews

"Un inglés vino a Bilbao", guest on "Sin ir más lejos" with Karmelo Landa on EiTB2
• An Englishman in the Basque Country, Gara newspaper
Interview with Zutundu about surfing and living in the Basque Country
Interview in Anboto newspaper about learning language, work and faith
• Cross Culture Surf, Gaur 8 magazine
• Korrika Euskalakari design process, Gara newspaper
• Euskadi Tropikala EiTB (Christian Surfers Basque Country)
• Kresala EiTB (Christian Surfers Basque Country)
• Amarauna, Euskadi Irratia (Christian Surfers Basque Country)
Freelance Focus, May 2008