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Hello, I am Joseba Attard, a creative thinker/designer based in the Basque Country.

I believe in strategic, intelligent design that builds brands with a healthy reputation, firmly rooted in confidence and trust. My work centres around effectively representing values, vision and purpose, both visually and verbally. Through relevant storytelling, I help bring projects and ideas to life.

Since 2005, I have been a Partner and Design Director at di-da, a Basque branding agency. This site features examples of my work as well as some thoughts on different topics.

In 2012 I co-founded Cross Culture Surf, a non-profit association that uses the sport and culture of surfing to bring people together, embrace diversity and to promote cultural awareness.

In my spare time, I am either surfing, shearing sheep or picking mushrooms :)

Some of my work has featured in design publications such as:

Los Logos 7, Gestalten 2014
Brandemia - Emun brand identity case study
Relogo - redesigning the brand, Sandu   
Los Logos 6, Gestalten 2012
Los Logos 5: Compass, Gestalten 2010
Los Logos 4, Gestalten 2008

Public speaking

I am grateful to have shared with different audiences, in English, Basque and Spanish on a variety of subjects from branding to Basque identity.

• YWAM, Biarritz, 2014 (An introduction to the Basque Country)
• University of the Basque Country, Bilbao, 2014 (Applied Graphic Design
• Papel y Pixel design conference, Barcelona, 2013 (Basque cultural campaigns)
• University of Mondragon, Basque Country, 2013 (Branding: Reputation vs Representation)
• Enpresarean, Donostia, 2012 (Brand strategy and the design process)
• University of Mondragon, Basque Country, 2012 (An introduction to branding)
• University of Mondragon, Basque Country, 2011 (An introduction to branding)
• University of the Basque Country, Bilbao, 2010 (Corporate identity design)
• Basque Summit, Seattle, USA, 2008 (Contemporary Basque Culture)

Articles / interviews

"Un inglés vino a Bilbao", guest on "Sin ir más lejos" with Karmelo Landa on EiTB2
• An Englishman in the Basque Country, Gara newspaper
Interview with Zutundu about surfing and living in the Basque Country
Interview in Anboto newspaper about learning language, work and faith
• Cross Culture Surf, Gaur 8 magazine
• Korrika Euskalakari design process, Gara newspaper
• Euskadi Tropikala EiTB (Christian Surfers Basque Country)
• Kresala EiTB (Christian Surfers Basque Country)
• Amarauna, Euskadi Irratia (Christian Surfers Basque Country)
Freelance Focus, May 2008